Take advantage of nearshoring

Our employees are leading software developers that deliver hight quality custom-tailored software solutions.


Swiss quality made in the EU

We control software quality at all levels by defining a realistic scope of work and due to extensive testing and continuous integration.



Our subsidiarity in Romania

With a workforce of over 120,000 highly skilled, multilingual IT professionals and a rate of 32,000 IT students graduating annually, Romania is a top pick for nearshoring in the EU.


Our values

We are an enthusiastic and experienced team of software solutions providers,  prepared to deliver innovative solutions for our clients. We create a work environment based on trust and respect, where we can improve our personal and professional development.


Client driven

We focus on involving our clients in all the important stages of the projects we perform, therefore making sure that we deliver the best solutions which meet their needs and expectations. 



Unsere flache Organisation fördert die Kommunikation und die Synergie die entsteht, wenn mehrere Köpfe an einer Lösung arbeiten. Darüber hinaus haben wir eine freundliche und entspannte Arbeitsatmosphäre, die die Leistungsfähigkeit unserer Mitarbeiter:innen steigert.


Quality performance

We use an integrated performance approach based on continuous improvement that leads to exceptional results, our employees being constantly driven by an appetite for technical proficiency and innovation. 


Respect and trust

We share an outstanding level of trust with our colleagues and our partners. Our culture is centered on respect by offering our commitment, trustworthiness and delivering the highest quality of our work. 



We are driven by a constant appetite for innovation and technical proficiency, but above all, we focus on delivering value-added solutions that meet our clients’ business goals.



Our team of developers have a good balance of technical and soft skills and they are permanently challenged to develop their competencies.

How we work

Effective targets

Setting effective targets is critical because it supports project investment decisions, clear project management direction, and thereby enhanced project performance. 

Team structure

We organize internal company events at which different teams present their experience and share ideas with others on how to improve their current project. 

Data analysis

The main purpose of data analysis is to interpret, evaluate and organize and make the data presentable.

Stable test environment

A stable test environment is an essential part of the process before going forward into production stage.


We put into action the plan designed in the prior phases. This is the longest stage of our product development lifecycle.

QA & Testing

For us is a must to have a dedicated tester, who will create test scenarios, catch regressions and produce automated integration, as well as unit and UI tests.


The deployment phase is the final phase of the software development life cycle and puts the product into production. 

Team motivation

Our employees genuinely love what they do and by maintaining that passion they contribute to our goal achievement through our company values.

Why nearshoring to Romania?

Nearshoring involves sending IT work to another country, which is less expensive, but geographically and culturally close. This eliminates time zones problems or major cultural differences and it promotes an efficient and cost-effective implementation strategy, especially for complex IT projects that require a substantial amount of trust and ongoing communication. As the general rule states, nearshoring will enable you to optimize your costs and improve your productivity. 

Romania has been for some years now a great match for European companies nearshoring, as the country has proved great information technology services, the costs are affordable and it is easy reachable. Located at the Eastern border of the European Union, Romania transformed itself into a flourishing technology hub. After its integration in the European Union in 2007, the country's IT sector has expanded year by year and attracted significant investors, mostly because of its advantageous quality/price ratio. 



Champion Systems - Europe

Less barriers

Cultural differences, language barriers and customer services have stained the reputation of Offshoring; therefore, Nearshoring has become the new Offshoring. With nearshoring, companies have succeeded in solving communication issues and achieving better results by cooperating with clients which are closer geographically and closer in terms of cultures, lifestyle, communication and expertise.


High availability of IT professionals

Romania has an excellent educational system when it comes to technical universities and it's a European leader in certified IT professionals. It also has more Informatics and Math medals than any other European country. An important focus is made towards the IT industry and companies have become actively involved in the educational system by helping universities provide skills according to international market needs.


Stability and cultural similarities

Understanding cultural etiquette is always important because understanding each other on an indirect level as well as understanding how each company works results in a more entirely efficient relationship. An awareness of cultural traditions allows for advanced preparation and minimises possible delays. If a crucial deadline is fast approaching, the last thing you want is an unforeseen holiday hold-up and delay of the project.


Modern technology

Recent studies have revealed that Romania is leading Europe in technology workers per capita, and is the 6th country in the world in terms of certified IT professionals with more than 64.000 specialists, having behind important countries as UK, Germany and Canada.

These results certainly reflect the focus that the educational system has on computer science skills and the support given by the government to the IT firms in terms of tax reductions.


Cost efficiency

Romania manages to keep a perfect balance of great work at good prices. It is one of the most competitive countries in Europe, in terms of cost-efficiency for nearshoring software development services. One of the main reasons is that compared to other countries in Western Europe (Germany, UK, Poland) salaries are lower and therefore the entire cost of your services will decrease due to the costs of the workforce.


Compatible time zones

Romania is at GMT +2 hour, which means a 1-2 hours difference from other european countries. Not to mention Romania’s high-speed broadband internet that is ranked fourth worldwide. Also, let's not forget that the employees will also appreciate working during the day and the code quality will not be affected by night fatigue.